Can you get a masters degree in culinary arts?

Culinary art is the term given to the art of food preparation and presentation; covers the practice and cooking process of various types of food. Can you get a masters degree in culinary arts?

What do you do in the culinary arts studies?

Culinary arts study specific cooking methods and techniques to present healthy, tasty, unique and aesthetic dishes worthy of the quality of the restaurant. The discipline of the culinary arts combines business and management knowledge with cooking, art and presentation skills. Students of culinary arts programs will have the opportunity to experience work in a kitchen environment and can take part in internships at local restaurants.

Culinary arts degrees provide relevant information on: food safety, commercial food production, new world flavors, menu planning, kitchen management, vegetarian cuisine, pastries and dessert cooking.

Students will acquire skills to prepare dishes using sanitary and nutritional ingredients, while paying attention to the overall appearance of the meal. Culinary specialists will apply sanitary rules in food preparation and will be able to prepare a variety of products for meals, bakeries and pastries. They will also develop menu planning skills and will be prepared for the rigor of working in a commercial kitchen. Culinary artists must be up to date with modern innovations and the latest in global cuisine.

Can you get a masters degree in culinary arts?

At the masters level, students can undergo training in both the kitchen and business, which prepares them to take up managerial positions in the restaurant, catering and hotel industries. The restaurant business is traditionally taught from scratch. Graduates can start their careers as line cooks and go through the kitchen ranks to eventually become chefs. For those interested in business more than practical cooking, restaurant management and ownership are options. Artistic and creative types may consider food stylization, photography or journalism.

Specializations that you can choose

Students enrolled in Master’s Degree in Culinary Arts can choose a specialization. The range of areas offered may vary depending on the university. The most common areas of specialization are:

  • Restaurant management
  • Wine and drink management
  • International cuisine
  • Bakery and confectionery art
  • Preparing meals
  • Popular career options

Graduates of culinary study programs are qualified to work in restaurants, hotels, medical facilities or schools, or may take up a business for themselves as professional catering service providers or private chefs, or find employment as one of the following:

  • Line cook
  • Sous Chef
  • Kitchen manager
  • Food Manager

The MSc in Culinary Arts is a passport to the exciting world of gastronomy. Search for your program and contact the recruitment office of the selected school directly.



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