How to sell annuities?

The sale of permanent annuities is definitely a shiny item for many, but life insurance brokers who take them are not only rewarded, but they build better relationships with customers. Selling permanent annuities is not so easy, but it is not as bad as you think if you take the time to learn how to sell annuities correctly. How to sell annuities?

What is a pension?

Lifetime annuity is a tool for retirement savings. Technically, it’s not an investment because you don’t really invest in the market.

However, you get a refund to help you save for retirement.

You can also use a pension to transfer money to beneficiaries. Annuities can help you avoid falls at the time of death, which can be expensive and time consuming.

Most people use life annuities as a saving tool for retirement, while maintaining the peace of mind that the money can easily be transferred or paid out to registered beneficiaries at the time of death. 

How much money can I earn from selling annuities?

This is a great question that we answer all the time when agents sell indexed pensions.

Annuity commissions will vary depending on the type of product, so it’s difficult to know exactly how much you can earn from selling annuities unless you know exactly what you are selling.

Below is a basic summary of some of the common levels of disability commission based on some of the most common disability products. 

Always remember that commissions may vary in each of these scenarios depending on the age of the client, product type, and state requirements. Always make sure and check your contracts to get updated salary details and commission schedules that are paid directly by the carrier. 

How to sell annuities?

How to set up your pension

Lifetime annuities require a contract between the consumer and the insurance company.

The consumer pays a lump sum (or interim payment) and the insurance company keeps its promise according to the contract.

A typical example of a contract is a certain rate of return on money. For example, a consumer may pay a flat fee of USD 50,000. The insurance carrier then fulfills the 4% interest rate promise in, say, 5 years. 

Tips for selling annuities

The process of establishing facts about the sale of annuities is one of the most difficult parts for new agents. It is important to understand the client’s goals and you cannot do it unless you are an experienced listener. 

As with all types of sales, psychology is always involved. One of the things I learned when I started in business was attraction psychology.

The point is, when you are in a meeting and the fact finding process begins, your main goal is to gain trust as soon as possible. People want to do business with people they like and trust. As far as I remember correctly, you need to follow 3 or 4 rules, the most important of which is listening.


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